Last Update: 08/07/2017

Pinellas Youth Symphony
2017-2018 Season

*(Tuition may be subject to change prior to Sept 1, 2017)

Tuition charges are according to the placement of the student.  The tuition for specific programs is as follows:

Beginning Strings                $275 per season
String Consort  $275 per season
Beginning Cello  $275 per season
Cello Consort $275 per season
Symphonic Strings $350 per season
Pinellas Youth Philharmonic $425 per season
Pinellas Youth Symphony $500 per season
Chamber Ensemble $175 per season
Flute Choir $125 per season

Note: A student who plays in two orchestras will be charged one tuition; the tuition amount will be the higher tuition rate of the 2 orchestras in which a student is playing.

Example: Student who plays in the Pinellas Youth Philharmonic and Pinellas Youth Symphony: $500 total          

Tuition for the program is very reasonable.  If there is difficulty paying the tuition, please see the Registrar at registration to arrange for a payment schedule that meets your family budget.  All members, unless they are recipients of a scholarship, are responsible for full payment of tuition.  No student begins a new season or new semester until payment of the full amount of the previous year's/semester's tuition is received.  Non-payment of tuition is cause for dismissal, pending other arrangements with the Executive Director.   

       Minimum 1/3 Tuition and Music Deposit - due at 1st rehearsal, Sept. 10, 2017
       Minimum 2/3 Tuition Paid - by Oct. 22, 2017
       All Tuition accounts paid in full by Jan. 7, 2018

PYS no longer accepts credit card payments

If you receive a tuition account statement that you believe is in error, contact the Operations Director to have errors corrected immediately.  Mail payments to: Pinellas Youth Symphony, P.O. Box 4106 Seminole, Fl. 33775 




All orchestra students pay a $25 non-refundable fee for their music and music folders. The $25 helps covers the cost of music rentals, Xeroxing rehearsal/practice music, replacement of music folders and other expenses. 

Please remember that the only marks you should make on your music are pencil marks noting musical directions.  Do not draw pictures or write notes on your music or you may be required to purchase replacement parts for the pieces in your folder.



Listed below are opportunities in which families can raise funds to help defray the cost of their child’s tuition and at the same time help raise funds for PYS. Your family can……

  1. Work a weekly job assignment (when available), in which a parent volunteer is assigned a specific job to work at each rehearsal throughout the season. Work jobs can include manning the front entrance information or check-in tables, being a room parent or a hall monitor. Consistent, weekly job attendance at rehearsals will result in a one-time $50 family tuition credit for the season.

  2. Solicit tax-deductible contribution(s) from sources outside your immediate family (use the Adopt-A-Student form).



Tuition Assistance Scholarship Applications are available for students who have an economic need for assistance with orchestra tuition.  All tuition scholarships are need-based, and do not cover the music fee and in most cases, an ensemble tuition.  The amount of the scholarship will NOT exceed two-thirds (2/3’s) of the regular annual tuition amount. The scholarship may require the student and/or the student’s parents to perform tasks in conjunction with the PYS program.

At the time of final registration for orchestra (1st rehearsal), all students (including those applying for scholarships) will pay 1/3 of the tuition as well as the $25 music fee. If there is difficulty paying this tuition, please see the Registrar at registration to arrange for a payment schedule that meets your family budget.


Scholarship applications may be obtained online at our website, or at the time of orchestra auditions.  Complete and return Tuition Assistance Scholarship Applications for orchestra membership by first rehearsal unless there are extenuating circumstances. The scholarship committee will review all applications and may request documentation verifying family income. Scholarships must be applied for at the beginning of the season due to limited funds.