Last Update: 07/01/2017


Rehearsals are held on Sunday afternoons/early evenings at the Marcia P. Hoffman Education Institute at Ruth Eckerd Hall, located on 1111McMullen Booth Road in Clearwater. PYS reserves the right to cancel a class if enrollment figures are not met. Any changes will be announced to the students by email, flyers, and on the website.

Leaving Rehearsal Site: Students may not leave the rehearsal site or go to the parking lot without specific permission from the orchestra room parent and the PYS security checkout volunteer parent. If it is necessary for a student to leave a rehearsal early, the student must notify the room parent and the Administrative Staff. The student must also bring a permission slip or planned absence form, signed by a parent acknowledging the student must leave rehearsal early. (Planned Absence form is posted on PYS

Room Set-Up/Take-Down: Although your rehearsal room may be set up for you, it is the responsibility of each student to assist with break down (when applicable) of rehearsal areas. Student responsibility includes remaining in the rehearsal area until the room is back in its original condition. Before percussion students leave the facility, all percussion equipment must be stored properly.

Refreshments other than bottled water are prohibited in rehearsal rooms; this policy includes staff, parents, students, and visitors. All rehearsal facilities are non-smoking areas. This policy includes staff, parents, students and parking areas.


Rehearsals are open to parents and students with accompanying visitors, unless specifically announced by the Conductor or Administrative Staff. All parents and visitors must sign in & out at the front lobby desk. The Conductor does not tolerate disruptive behavior during rehearsal. Disruptive behavior, such as talking or continued noise, is cause for the dismissal of the disruptive individual(s) from the rehearsal. Please, no verbal or physical contact with the student during a rehearsal unless necessary.


Transportation is the responsibility of the student and his/her family. Please arrange for the timely arrival of students and for prompt pick up at rehearsalsí end. For possible car-pooling opportunities, direct inquiries to the administrative staff. All PYS students and families have been assigned parking in the furthest northeastern lower parking lot, next to the pond, across the street from the Marcia P. Hoffman Performing Arts Institute. No parking is allowed at the Institute parking lot.


 Performance Facility Restrictions: The various performance facilities utilized by our organization have specific rules regarding recording devices, photographic equipment, etc. Notification will be given before concerts to address any rules that pertain to specific concerts. Please direct questions to the Executive Director.


Concert opportunities arise throughout the year. A preliminary calendar is subject to updates during the season. Check for concert announcements well in advance and look for information published on our website at Each student will receive an informational flyer at least one week prior to any concert. If there are any questions not answered by the flyer, please speak with the conductor, or email queries to or call PYS Voicemail (727) 438-3149.