Last Update: 08/08/2017

The Pinellas Youth Symphony

2017-2018 Season

Concert Dress Attire

Pinellas Youth Symphony and Serenade Strings: For All Formal Concerts

Female students: Black Concert Dress attire purchased from several pre-selected styles (go to for preview of styles). Opportunites to purchase concert dress attire through PYS will be offered to students in the fall.  Female musicians wear black nylons and black dress shoes with low heels. No colored accessories. 

Male students: Black tux jacket, black tux pants, white tux shirt, black bow tie, black socks and black dress shoes.

Pinellas Youth Symphony & Serenade Strings: Casual Performance Concert Dress Only

Female and Male Students: green PYS polo shirts with khaki-colored pants (or khaki calf-length skirts for females).  Dark or khaki socks (for males), brown or dark-colored shoes or leather sandals (No flip-flops).  PYS musicians will wear their polo shirts in the Side-by-Side concert with The Florida Orchestra, and will order/purchase their polo shirts through PYS in the fall.

PYS Chamber Ensembles:

Female students: Same formal attire as PYS or Serenade Strings

Male students: Same formal tux dress as PYS or Serenade Strings

Male students Alternate Attire: black, long sleeve, button down shirts with collar.

Chamber Ensemble (Casual Performance Dress):

Female and Male students wear the same casual dress attire as noted for PYS; i.e., PYS polo shirts with khaki color pants or skirts, etc.

Pinellas Youth Philharmonic: For All Concerts

Female students: Solid black top with any length sleevesNO sleeveless tops, bare shoulders, or bare backs are allowed.  Mid-calf to ankle-length black skirts (NO short skirts or slit skirts) OR black full-length dress pants (NO Capri pants or Jeans).  Black hose and black dress shoes with low heels. NO colored accessories.

Male students: Black jacket and black pants (tux or regular), white long sleeve shirt (tux style or regular, white collar) black bow tie, black socks and black dress shoes.

Symphonic Strings & String Consorts & Beginning Strings:  For All Concerts

Female students: White blouse with any length sleeves, black skirt or full-length dress pants, and black dress shoes.  Skirt must cover the knees when student is seated.

Male students: White long-sleeve dress shirt, long black tie, black dress slacks, black socks and black dress shoes..